Cross of Life's Re-Opening Plan

You may have heard Premier Ford's announcement that as of June 12th, churches are allowed to reopen for services at 30% of their capacity. This is wonderful news for churches! God has heard our prayers to get the body of Christ together again and to receive his gifts of Word and Sacrament for our forgiveness. However, we also want to be wise about re-opening so that we continue to love our neighbour through this awkward time where we can be open, but not like we were before the pandemic. So, we have prepared a plan for re-opening (which you will find below). We ask that you would review it. In the coming weeks, if you are a member of Cross of Life, someone from our leadership or staff will be calling you to hear how you are feeling about re-opening. Please voice all concerns to them. 

Finally, there are a lot of voices right now trying to be God, trying to be the ones to say, "Thou shalt" or "thou shalt not." Listen to God's voice. He said, "Don't give up meeting together." He said, "Love your neighbour as yourself." He said, "Be good stewards of your body." Sometimes, those commands may seem like they are in conflict. That is because of sin. Don't let sin win. We know that no plan will satisify everyone, but that's not the point. Our goal and your goal is always to serve others, not ourselves, first. So, we ask for your patience and kindness as we try to navigate these uncharted waters. 

Pastor Caleb & Your Leadership Team

The Plan

  • Our first in-person service will be July 5th @10:30am. We are delaying our restart for two reasons. First, we need time to make all necessary preparations. And second, just because we are able to open does not mean that we should open immediately. We want to reduce risk as much as possible, and taking our time and monitoring how things go for other Ontario churches as they open will help us make sure that we don't make any foolish mistakes in reopening.
  • 30% capacity for our building is about 40-50 people. Most churches that have begun worship again in person are seeing about 40% of their regular attendance coming back right away. Our regular attendance had been about 70. Therefore, we are anticipating only needing one service. However, as we call every member, we will get a better feel for who will be attending when we come back, and if we need another service, we will add it. 
  • We will continue to offer worship online through We will livestream worship there @ 10:30am on Sundays. This option is for those who are feeling unwell or who have a health condition that puts them at risk. It should not be a replacement for worship if you are able to attend.
  • We will receive communion every Sunday, still at 10am. However, instead of "tables" of families, each household will receive communion separately. Logistics will be explained at church. Communion will be prepared by Catherine and Pastor, having both sanitized their hands and wearing masks.
  • We will offer a special private communion service @ 11am on Wednesday mornings. The same communion protocol will be observed. This is for those who would rather avoid the "larger" crowd on Sunday mornings, but would still like to receive the Lord's Supper.
  • Families will be verbally screened (i.e. "Are you feeling unwell today?") as they enter the building, and their entry will be staggered by a volunteer. 
  • Families are asked to go directly into the worship space when they arrive in order to observe physical distancing. They may mingle (while maintaining 6ft of distance) in the worship space where there is more room to stand.
  • We will use every other row of chairs in the worship space OR we will sufficiently space out every row of chairs. Within a row, please leave at least 2 chairs between you and another person sitting in your row. Families may sit together.
  • Offerings will be collected at Communion. As you leave the front after receiving the Lord's Supper, there will be an offering plate to drop off your offering, if you prefer to give in this way.
  • Singing will be allowed. The latest guidance from health officials says that singing is not as much of a risk as previously believed, especially when social distancing is observed.
  • There will be no children’s programs or play rooms available. If a parent needs to calm a restless baby or child, they will need to go to the lobby or outdoors.  
  • We will not use bulletins. The entire service will be projected on the screen.
  • No food or drink will be provided. You may bring beverages in if they are in spill-proof containers.
  • The building will be sanitized before and after worship, and the washrooms will be sanitized after every use. We will only use the washrooms located in the lobby.
  • After the service, the congregation will be dismissed systematically and people can socialize in the parking lot, if they choose to do so. This allows us to sanitize before Mississauga Victory Church needs to use the building.

If you have any questions or concerns about the plan, please voice them to the member of our leadership or staff. 

Thank you for the patience and understanding!