Volunteer Management System

Being part of a family means there are responsibilities. Are there any members of your family who don't have responsibilities around your home? If so, let me know! I'm looking to get adopted!

The same thing is true about a church family, and our volunteer management system is built help every member of our church family to have a responsibility that fits their abilities, whether their old or young, able-bodied, aging or handicapped. 

The system is to have three teams (A, B, & C), with every member of our church family included on one team. Every week, one team is up take care of our congregation. That means setting up and tearing down for worship, taking out the trash and keeping our property clean. 

The Bible (and the CRA, actually) consider the members of a congregation as "owners" of that congregation. Owners take care of their possessions, and our hope to help you take care of the blessings God has given us.

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Occupying our own worship facility

We have been operating as a portable church for almost 20 years, and while that has afforded us low costs and flexibility, God seems to be moving our congregation away from our regular rental in Lisgar Middle School. Rising prices and inconsistency with our permits leads us to believe that we need a different solution. 

So, as we move into our future together, we are pursuing the possibility of leasing a facility for the next five years as we move towards building or buying and renovating a permanent facility for our ministry. We believe that this will not only give us consistency, but will also allows us to serve the community in ways that were simply not possible from a middle school gymnasium for 5 hours a week.

Of course, this will cost money. But rather than say, "Here's the monetary goal. Let's give until we reach it." we wanted to approach our stewardship like Jesus approaches it. Jesus was never concerned about the amount, he was always concerned with the heart. So, we have asked those who consider Cross of Life their church home to go before God in prayer during this campaign and ask him this simple request: "God, you have been so generous with me. Teach me how I can be generous with you and your Church."

At the end of November, our congregation is going to make commitments to turning up their generosity so we can serve the next generation of people in Mississauga and the western GTA. At that point, we are going to make a special gift to our sister church, Saviour of the Nations Lutheran Church, in Vancouver, British Columbia because we believe that generosity changes lives, and we want to be a generous congregation. Then, with the remaining gifts that we receive, we will pursue a space that we can lease for the next 5 years.

Have more questions about this part of the campaign? Check out our FAQ Section.

The Gameplan

  • Pray Intentionally.

Take time every day during the month of November to (1) thank God for the many blessings he has given you personally and our congregation corporately, (2) ask God to expose any idolatry in your heart that stands in the way of your trust in his goodness, and (3) ask God to show you how you can be generous with those gifts to serve the people of Mississauga for the generations to come.

  • Evaluate Thoughtfully.

We have not set any financial goals for this campaign because we believe generosity changes lives, no matter how much the generosity. We also are committed to our primary goal of growth in selflessness and generosity before any amount of money. Therefore, after your prayer, we’re asking each of us to thoughtfully evaluate our finances and ask, “Where can I sacrifice for the good of the people God has put into my life?” The answer will be different for everyone, and that’s great! God has gifted us each differently to be part of his mission!

  • Commit Confidently.

On November 24th, 2019 — during the last Sunday in our For The Generations To Come series—we will have a chance to put our commitments on paper so our congregation can wisely plan for our future.

After we receive all commitments, our congregation will continue to be generous by giving a special gift based on those commitments to our sister church, Saviour of the Nations, in Vancouver, B.C. We will then pursue a facility based on those commitments.