volunteer management system faqs

What if I am not very physically capable (i.e. infirm, handicapped, etc.)?

  • That's fine. There are a number of jobs that require not physical effort at all. You just need to be a smiling and encouraging face!

What if I don't know how to do any of the assigned tasks?

  • Every team has at least one person who has done every job before. They will be glad to help you!

What if I can't come to church on a Sunday that I am assigned?

  • Talk to Pastor or our Admin Assistant. They will work with you to see if they can get you on a different team or get others to cover for you, if it's a one-time thing. However, serving your fellow Christians is part of the Christian life, so we all ought to make this a priority.

What time do I have to show up?

  • Some setup needs to start by 8:30 to be done in time so we could use help already at 8:30, but at the absolute latest, 9:15. We want our best foot forward every Sunday, and that starts with being prepared early. 

Who is on my team? 

  • We will have breakdowns for each team available at Guest Services to each member. We kept families together, so you can all come to church together.