worship facility occupation faqs

Why can't we just stay in Lisgar Middle School?

The cost has nearly doubled for our rental agreement, making it not a good financial decision for us to stay put. Additionally, our agreement with them guarantees us very little. They are allowed to cancel on us at a moment's notice.

Why can't we just build our own building right now?

Even if we were to start the process today, the process would take years, including things like finding land to purchase, selling our current property, hiring an architect and working with them to produce a building that we like, and then finally putting a shovel in the ground and waiting for the building to be built. That's why we feel a 5-year lease will give us enough time to do those things in the hopes that when our lease runs out, we will have a permanent facility to move into.

What about buying something and renovating it?

This option is certainly on the table. Of course, finding a space that will suit our needs at a good price is not very easy, so we are at the mercy of the market in this instance. Additionally, we want to make sure that we don't purchase something that we can't afford to maintain as a congregation. That's why we believe a 5-year lease will give us a low-risk opportunity to see if we can support and maintain our own space. 

How much are you asking?

Wrong question. We have built this campaign to not be about the money, but about the hearts of our people. We want every family to not start by asking how much should I give, but "how much has God given me?" While we do have projections of what a lease might cost, we don't want to focus on those things. We believe that what Jesus said is true, "It's more blessed to give than to receive." We want blessing for our congregation, and how our congregation is blessed through their giving is far more important than what we receive at the end of the day.

Have more questions? E-mail info@crossoflife.net and we will get back to you.