lead opportunities

Being a Christians starts with receiving grace from God, but that grace motivates us to serve others with our lives. Our LEAD opportunities are the ways we provide for you to serve other people!

  • volunteer at church

    We are church in a box, so we have to set up and take down our church every week. Whether you have musical gifts or just want to be a helping hand in setting up on Sunday, there are all sorts of ways to support the preaching of the gospel on Sunday mornings. Contact our Admin Assistant to help.

  • Volunteer for a Camp

    We run a couple large camps every year, and those camps need volunteers. If you're interested, contact us.

  • Mentor our young people

    We love our young people, and we do our best to help them grow up to be good citizens and solid Christians. We do this in formal ways through our teen group, but also in informal ways by partnering young folks with adults who are already serving our church. Interested in our teen group or other mentoring? Contact us.

  • Host or Teach a Bible Study

    One way our congregation grows is by meeting together over God's Word. Can you support that growth by opening your home or leading a Bible study? If you volunteer your home, we will provide the Bible study leader. Interested? Contact Pastor Caleb.

  • Volunteer for something not at church

    Ok, so maybe you won't get to use a cordless drill, but we have all sorts of things that our congregation does that aren't related to what we do on Sunday. Are you handy? We could use you! Contact us.