STEP 1: Learn

Let's be honest. We live in the information age. No one can hope to win at the knowledge game. What the world doesn't need is another "expert" to tell you what he thinks is true. That's why we at Cross of Life didn't want to make a church where we tell you what is true and expect you to just take it. We want to create the space for you to wrestle with the big questions with us.

So, here's our challenge for you. When are you going to show up? When are you going to put yourself in a place to ask the tough questions of life? When are you going to admit that your life isn't what it should be and that maybe Christianity has the answer? Are you willing to take one hour to explore something that could mean the difference for your afterlife?

You might be a skeptic, you might be an atheist, you might not be sure if there's a God or might not really care if there is. That's fine. You might be divorced, separated, single or happily married. You're wanted here. You might have made a huge mess of your life. That's OK, God cleans up messes. You might have been hurt by a church in the past. We're sorry to hear that, and we want to show you how uplifting church can actually be. So....when are you going to show up?

The first step in our process for you is to LEARN. That means just showing up for our Sunday morning gathering. Don't feel like you have to bring anything or do anything, we'll take care of all that.

Are you ready to take the first step? We'll see you there...

--Your Friends at Cross of Life


--Sundays @ 10:30am

...not ready to take the first step yet? Listen to our messages by clicking here.