step 2: live

Studies show that 25% of Canadians live alone, and another 25% of Canadians live with only one other person. That means 50% of Canadians live with one or fewer people in their home. Even if you have more than one person in your home, with our busy GTA lifestyles of long work hours, commuting, sports practices, and still finding time to get to the cottage, it probably feels like you never see them. 

The fact is, we are a lonely culture. 

But we at Cross of Life believe that the church is a place to find true community. That's why we created our LIFE Groups. They are groups of people who gather together regularly to do all sorts of things. Some study the Bible, some pray, others just hangout or do an activity together. They meet throughout the week, and they are ready for you to show up.

So, if you've started by coming to Sunday morning and LEARNing with us, we want to help you find a group. You will hear about current LIFE Groups during our Sunday morning gatherings.

The Bible tells us that God himself is a community, three persons in one God, and so we try to reflect him with our lives lived in community. Will you join us?

We'll see you there.

--Your Friends at Cross of Life

Have questions about Life Groups? Visit our FAQ Page.