Our story

Our story starts in September of 1978, when a group of Christians in what had just become the city of Mississauga started looking for a pastor. In 1979, they called their first pastor and held their first worship service at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre. The congregation called itself "Divine Peace." Unfortunately, that congregation only lasted a few years and closed in 1985 because of financial concerns.  However, the few people who remained held strong to the Word of God and continued to meet together, even without a pastor into the 90s. 

Fast forward to 1999 and the group is blessed with a pastor. This new congregation calls itself Cross of Life. This time, things took off, and ever since then, God has been blessing us. We've been committed to presenting Jesus and his Word accurately, not leaving anything out or saying more than what the Bible says. We don't do that because it's easy, in fact, sometimes it's really difficult. But we believe that Jesus is alive(!), and that changes everything. While we definitely have been growing in numbers over the past couple decades, that's never really been the most important thing to us. We'd rather see each individual grow in knowing Jesus Christ and everything he has done for them. Because of that, we've made it our business as a congregation to LEARN, LIVE, and LEAD in very personal ways. We pray that you can become part of that culture and part of our story.

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We aren't perfect, and we aren't expecting you to be either.

If you're reading this part of our website, then you're probably expecting us to tell you how everything is awesome at Cross of Life...and it is, but probably not for the reasons you would expect.

We aren't always friendly, although we try to be. Our music isn't always perfect, although we put a lot of work into it. Our coffee, doughnuts, and other snacks are really good, most of the time. Our preacher isn't always going to "wow" you, even though he spends a lot of time working on his messages.

No, life at Cross of Life is just like life everywhere else...imperfect. But that's why we think you'll fit right in. We're all imperfect, but what brings us together on a Sunday morning is the amazing message that God has given his Son, Jesus Christ, to forgive imperfect people. And if all else fails, we promise to present Jesus to you, in his own words, exactly as the Bible presents him.

So, yeah, come for the food, the music, the friendship, and all the other things we love about our congregation. But most importantly, come because we have something to tell you that will change your life. Come as you are, and hear about a God who has loved you more than you ever imagined.

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  • Caleb Schultz


    I want to be your pastor. If that means coming to your hospital room, your home, or just buying you a coffee at Tim Horton's and sitting down to answer any questions you have about Christianity, that's my job, and the good people at Cross of Life support me so I can do that for you. Look for my info in the "Contact Us" section.

  • Catherine Cooper

    Pastoral Admin Assistant

    Catherine assists Pastor Caleb with administrative tasks and oversight of our systems and teams. She's the one who will answer the phone if you call. If it's not teaching and preaching, she's your go-to person.