LIFE group FAqs

How do I join a Life Group?

  • For two weeks before each trimester, we have a sign-up period for Life Groups at church on Sundays. Our Life Groups start at the beginning of January, April, and September, so our sign-up periods are right before then.

What kind of Life Groups do we have?

  • Life Groups change all the time as different facilitators start different groups. But generally, they fit into 3 categories: Study, Play, and Serve. Study groups read the Bible, pray, read a Christian book, or study the sermon discussion notes together. Play groups do just about anything fun you can think of together. And Serve groups get together to serve others in many ways, such as partnering with a local non-profit or fixing things around someone's property for them.

How committed do I have to be?

  • The Bible teaches that commitment produces community, so if you join a Life Group, you're expected to make it a priority every time your group meets. However, you only have to join for a trimester at a time!

How many people should be in a Life Group?

  • 3-12 people. When a group hits 10 people, it's time to split into two groups, even if you're both doing the same thing. It's a good chance to bring more people along into something that is working!

Who can be in a Life Group?

  • Anyone. Seriously. We have groups that have 60-year olds and 9-year olds. We have people who are members of Cross of Life and those who are not. We have people who are brand new to faith and people who have been Christians for a long time. If you're human, we want you in a Life Group!

How long do I have to be in a Life Group?

  • Our Life Groups operate in trimesters (January through March; April through June; September through November, summers are off). That means that at the end of each trimester, you can opt-out of the Life Group you joined. Whether it doesn't fit your schedule, it wasn't what you expected, or you're interested in a different Life Group, you're only committed for three months.

Who can be a Life Group Facilitator?

  • Anyone who can organize a group of people. That means even a teenager could facilitate a Life Group, if they wanted to. Men or women, old or young, anyone can be a Life Group Facilitator.

How do I become a Life Group Facilitator?

  • Contact Pastor, and he will set you up for Life Group Facilitator Training. Don't worry. It's pretty easy. Want to be a facilitator, but don't have any ideas for a Life Group? CLICK HERE to see Pastor's list of potential ideas!