Life TAlks (Lead Events)

Share. It's a word that is so common for us now in our social media age. We share photos and snapchats and articles and videos and podcasts and memes because we believe that someone else might benefit from something we found.

So when it comes to the last step of our process, we're just asking you to do what you already do. Share. 

Once we've taken the time to LEARN and LIVE, it's time to LEAD. LEAD events are simply chances for you to "click share" on Jesus. They are special invitation events where we show people the hospitality, love, inclusion, compassion, and respect that Jesus would show them so they can get to know him and benefit from his blessings like we have.

Find out about our next LEAD event below...

What are Life Talks?

Life Talks is a series of sessions exploring the uniqueness of Christianity. Each talk is designed to explore how Christianity has a unique answer to the questions that people struggle with every day. It's also a great opportunity to "try out" Cross of Life in a casual context.

Life Talks are best in-person, but of course, as a result of the pandemic, some may not feel comfortable meeting in-person. That's ok! We would love for you to join us online!

  • Food

    Every Life Talk starts with food because what good time doesn't start with food?!? It's a great way to relax, get to know each other, and build friendships. 

  • Talk

    Each Life Talk is about 20 minutes long and is intended to spark conversation at your table. The talks explore big questions of life and the unique answers that Christianity offers to those questions.

  • Discussion

    After each talk, there's time for discussion with those around you. There’s no obligation to say anything and there’s nothing you can’t say (seriously). It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.

Our Current Life Talks Series:


Watch the latest talk here:

Does your life feel like white noise?

White noise (sometimes called static) is what happens when conflicting frequencies play through a device at the same time. 

Doesn't life feel like that right now?

Whether it's politics, science, social causes, religion, news services, or social media, the world sounds like white noise right now. This is so true that we can't even hear people on the other side of an issue and they can't hear us. 

What if there was a solution?

We believe there is. We think we have an answer that isn't right or left; red, blue, orange, green or purple; black or white. It's different. And we would like you to find out what it is...

  • Judgment

    Sept. 28, 2021  |  6PM (in-person)/6:30PM (Online)

    We all have a sense that there should be judgment for people who do what is wrong. But at the same time, when it comes to us, we quickly say, "Stop judging me." 

    The white noise is that we want judgment and don't want judgment at the same time. 

    How does this get resolved? Find out in our first session.

  • Freedom

    Jan. 2022 (time and exact date coming soon)

    We want to be free to make our own choices, to be who we want to be. But when does our freedom become harmful to someone else? Is freedom really freedom?

    The white noise is that we want to be free, but we don't want everyone to be free.

    How does this get resolved? Find out in this session.

  • Social Causes

    March 2022 (Time and Exact Date Coming soon)

    Black Lives Matter, Back the Blue, #MeToo, March for Life... Almost every person has a cause that they strongly support. But they can't all be right, so who is right? 

    The white noise wants you to follow their cause, but are they missing something?

    How does this get resolved? Find out in this session.

  • INCLusion

    May 2022 (Time and exact date coming soon)

    We want to be inclusive...until someone else isn't acting inclusive. Then we we need to exclude them from our inclusive group. 

    The white noise wants to exclude all the non-includers. 

    How does this get resolved? Find out in this session.