Resources for families

Are you married? Do you have kids? These resources are curated for you! 

  • The small catechism of Martin Luther

    Martin Luther wrote his small catechism so that the "head of the household can teach the faith to his family in a simple way." This is the place to start learning the faith in your home. If you need a copy, contact Pastor Caleb. We make these available to everyone in our congregation for free.

  • Christ Light curriculum for children

    Christ Light is a curriculum prepared for families to teach basic Bible stories to their children. It is broken down by age. This is a great way to get started teaching your children the basics. We offer these resources to our church for free. Contact Pastor Caleb ( for copies.

    For additional help teaching from this resource to your children, visit:

  • Seeds family worship

    Available on most music streaming services, Seeds puts the Scripture into song format for kids so they can more easily memorize those Scriptures. Put it on repeat in your house and see if your kids don't start reciting Scripture!

    Find it here also:

  • the jesus storybook bible

    While every children's Bible has issues because it isn't the exact text of Scripture, this is one of the best ones out there. It particularly focuses on Jesus in every story of the Bible, even the ones where he is not immediately visible. If you want to start introducing Bible stories to your child, this is a great resource. Eventually, however, you should start reading the actual text of the Bible to them. With this as the foundation, you'll be surprised how much they understand.

  • Marriage Moments

    These short devotions are meant for couples to watch together and discuss in order to grow in their love for one another and their faithfulness to God's plan for marriage.

    Find the playlist here: